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The resolution approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) supports the preferred alternative that would build a new four-lane divided highway from a new Routes 460 / 58 interchange in Suffolk to west of Windsor. 

From west of Windsor to west of Zuni, the existing Route 460 would be upgraded to a four-lane divided highway and include a new bridge across the Blackwater River to eliminate long-standing flooding problems.

Attend a Public Meeting Sign at Dusk Along the Route 460 Corridor, Bustling with TrafficThe Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) identified the alternative described above because it sufficiently meets the overall project purpose and need of safety, hurricane evacuation, and freight movement.  

The proposed project would address roadway deficiencies through the inclusion of upgrades and improvements that would meet current VDOT design standards and provide better traffic service as intended by the functional roadway classification.  

The project also would address flooding issues, as discussed in the preliminary flooding analysis described in the September 2014 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), with improvements to the Blackwater River bridge.  

Compared to the alternatives analyzed in the Draft SEIS, the project would improve safety in this portion of the corridor by yielding the lowest crash rates and maximizing evacuation capacity.  

As a result of the implementation of the project, travel time would decrease.  

The proposed project also would facilitate a more efficient movement of truck traffic over the 16 miles of associated improvements, by separating truck traffic from local traffic and reducing the number of intersections along the new location portion of the alignment.

VDOT is committed to keeping the public informed on the status of the Route 460 Project Southeast Virginia.


VDOT, the FHWA and the USACE developed a Draft SEIS that evaluated alternatives to improve the Route 460 corridor. 

The preferred alternative is the result of a combination of alternatives that were included in the Draft SEIS, which was made available in September 2014 and presented at three location public hearings that took place in October 2014. 

Following the publication of the Draft SEIS, it became apparent that the improvements evaluated over the entire 55-mile corridor would not be viable options, based on public comments received, preliminary input regarding the estimated environmental impacts and anticipated cost constraints. 

As a result, the five build alternatives and no build option that were included for study in the Draft SEIS were carefully reconsidered, in whole, in parts, or in hybrid combination with one another, in order to identify a single alternative that would best meet the identified project purpose and need, while minimizing environmental impacts and providing the most cost effective benefits overall.


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